The Year of Facing Fear


Megan's Affirmation

It’s New Year’s Eve 2019. You’re thinking back on the last year. You remember sitting in the chair that you’re in now, in this very room, uncomfortably naming the goal you were afraid to set for so long—finally committed to conquering it once and for all.

What a year it has been. As you look back remembering that moment of commitment sitting in your seat, you realize that you are not the same person you were back then. Fear no longer owns you, because you looked it in the face, you fought hard, and you won!

It wasn’t always easy—in fact, at several points it was so much harder than you thought it would be, but it was worth it! You discovered strength you didn’t know you had. And, along the way, resources showed up that you could never have anticipated. You were never alone—always met with what you needed at exactly the right time.

You didn’t start out feeling courageous—truthfully, you were terrified to take the next step and so many after that, but you kept going.

All these steps later, you aren’t scared anymore! Fear no longer controls you. You acted bravely and, as a result, you became brave. You already were—you just didn’t know it.

You’ve proven to yourself that you can do hard things! You can tolerate fear, uncertainty and doubt because you are strong and capable. You have what it takes. You were made for this fight!

And, standing here on the eve to 2020, reflecting on all you’ve accomplished, you realize you aren’t the only one who benefitted from your courage.

Your courage has transformed everything that matters in your life—your family, your friends, your work, your impact and so much more! Because of your bravery, those you care about most are stronger, healthier, more secure, and more inspired to live a bigger story.

All because you decided today that 2019 was your year of facing fear.

There is no turning back.

—Megan Hyatt Miller