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With the Your Best Year Ever goal-setting course, you’ll accelerate your goal achievement and build the life you want right now.

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This Is Your Moment

Break Free of the Past Two Years

The past two years have been a relentless gut-punch of disruption. A pandemic, lockdowns, variants, civil disturbances, inflation worries. It’s like we’re caught in a vortex of trauma that won’t release its grip.

If you’ve been pulled down by the weight of it all, it’s not your fault–and you’re not alone. The past two years have affected everybody. But there is hope. We can flip the script.

Your Best Year Ever extracts the lessons of what you’ve experienced and helps you plot a future you can look forward to. Whatever lies ahead in 2022, you’ll be prepared to ride out the storm and end up exactly where you wish to be.

Join us today, and kick off what could be your best year ever.

There’s a Method to Winning.
You want a goal-setting Method that is:


Able to withstand the ups & downs in a given year, and adjust to the situation.


A process that is easy to learn, repeat, and track.


Demonstrated to work in any environment: good and less-than-good.


Your Best Year Ever is designed to help you create powerful, meaningful goals quickly so you can take fast action and see results.

No. 1

the Possibility

No. 2

Your Future

No. 3

the Past

No. 4

Your Why

No. 5

It Happen



See what clients say about us:

From fitness, relationships, careers, and business, see how Your Best Year Ever can help you get back on track to achieve goals that matter.

James Reid

Verified Customer

“Prior to Your Best Year Ever, I had lost control of every area of my life. I beat my goal and paid off all $30k in debt before the end of the year. My wife said, “I got my husband back.” I don’t have brain fog anymore.”

Bob Monio

Verified Customer

“There’s absolutely no excuse for not taking advantage of a program like Best Year Ever. It is by far—dollar for dollar—the best program for your money and it really does deliver results. I have worked with other programs in the past and I’m absolutely sold on this process.”

Ray Edwards

Verified Customer

“I lost 53 pounds. My company surpassed our goal of $1 Million in revenue for the first time. I personally paid off over $400k in consumer debt. There’s no way I’d start a year without Best Year Ever™ being my foundation.”

Mark Timm

CEO, Ziglar Family

“I’m sitting here with a 10X result in my business because of Best Year Ever. I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.”

Steve Anderson

Founder, The Anderson Network / Author, The Bezos Letters:

“One of my biggest goals was to write and publish a book. It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Because of Your Best Year Ever, I was able to achieve that goal.”

Sundi Jo Graham

Verified Customer

“The last two years of pursuing goals with Your Best Year Ever have been the most productive of my life. It will be one of the best investments you could ever make in your life.”

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The On Demand package gives you access to our bestselling Your Best Year Ever self-study course that helps you quickly design 12-months of goals. In a single afternoon, you can plot out your next year of achievement, and take immediate action to begin making those goals a reality.

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Your Best Year Ever Course (2022 Edition) - 1-year access

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​​Hyatt Tell All: Exclusive Q&A with Michael and Gail ($197 value)

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The On Demand Plus package gives you access to our bestselling Your Best Year Ever self-study course, plus additional achievement tools to jump-start your 2022 goals. You'll also enjoy access to our first-ever, Hyatt Tell All: Exclusive Q&A with Michael and Gail.

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  • Goal Setting for Every Stage of Life ($197 value)
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  • Quarterly Goal Bookmarks - Physical* ($16.99 value)
  • Assorted Full Focus Stickies - Physical* ($9.97 value)
  • ​No-Fail Habits - Physical copy* ($24.99 value)
  • ​Hyatt Tell All: Exclusive Q&A with Michael and Gail ($197 value)

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Each of the videos is new for 2022, with new stories, examples, and a bonus lesson that dives into how you can use your planner to achieve your goals.

After you submit your order, you’ll create a username and password. This is how you’ll access the members’ area. That’s where you’ll find all of the video content, download the coursebook, and access any bonus content. You will also receive an email confirmation of your purchase.

The Your Best Year Ever course has been designed for action and accessibility. The most important information has been broken down into practical steps so that you can easily walk through the goal-setting process and implement it piece by piece. With our workbook and course, you’ll experience the most efficient way to set your goals for the year.

The Your Best Year Ever book focuses on all the research that informs the course. We explain the background behind the proven framework and provide case studies for illustration. Where the book centers on why, the course emphasizes how.

If you’re the type of person who loves to dive into the facts and relevant information that goes into personally designing your best year ever, you will want the book. If you want to experience the information in a transformational way and implement the key concepts in a straightforward approach, you will want to get the course.

Your Best Year Ever explores the science and practical strategies behind goal achievement. It builds on the framework that’s set in the planner. If you go through this course, and use the Full Focus Planner, your chances of achieving your goals will significantly increase. You’ll also learn new ways to maximize your use of the planner with this course. Buy the course and make your goal achievement effortless.

All of these products work together but at different levels. Living Forward gives you a 30,000-foot view of your life by helping you create your Life Plan. Your Best Year Ever gives you the 10,000-foot view, showing you how to set compelling annual goals. Free to Focus meets you at ground zero and empowers you to make progress on a daily basis.

Your Best Year Ever is exceptional for those who want to set long-term and short-term goals and see them achieved within a 12 month period. Free to Focus and Living Forward are complementary, and many people like to purchase all three because they are each in-depth on different subjects.

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